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Class Roster and scheduling
Class roster
Class roster contains list of registered as well as withdrawn students. Instructor can access to the up-to-date class roster in MyRegistrar page.

Instructor changes should be processed through Dean and sent to registrar@nu.edu.kz.


Schedule time slots and Policy
Nu classes run MWF 50 minutes and TR 75 minutes from 9am until 9pm. 

Scheduling forms
Semester schedule is built on the basis of information provided by Schools (approved by Dean) according to the information provided by Schools on basis of the following forms:

  • NEW NU Course Information form 1a should be provided, if you plan to offer new course, which was not offered in any previous semesters.
  • Change NU Course Information form 1b should be provided, if you plan to offer the existing course, which offered before, but you want to change title/course abbreviation/credit. 
  • NU Class Scheduling form 2 should be provided in order to give detailed information for each class (type of class, number of sections, class capacity, duration, instructor, requesting room type).
  • NU Registration requirements form 3 should be provided in order to give information about pre/co/anti-requisites for course if there are any and first, second priority registration.
The ideal path for providing information is following: Form 1a/b ---> Form 2 ----> Form 3


Request for room changing
Any room changes should de requested prior to registration and sent to registrar@nu.edu.kz.
Course Scheduling and Registration Manuals