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Change of personal info

How to

  • In order to make any changes to “Personal Info”, students must submit “Change of Personal Information Form” available in the Student Requests module, along with the appropriate supporting documentation as outlined on the form.
  • “Change of Personal Information Form” is intended to provide any student with a way to change their personal details as on their Passport or National ID. This change will be reflected in the Registrar's system and Nazarbayev University's documentation (e.g. Transcripts, Certificates, Credentials, Class lists, etc.). The scan copy of the Passport and/or National ID is mandatory to attach along with the supportive documents (if any).
  • The Office of the Registrar is responsible for any changes made to personal information for students only

Change of address, telephone number:

“Contact Info”, “Emergency contact” and “Social Category” details are subject to change upon request by emailing or_data@nu.edu.kz.