Graduation 2022
Dear graduating students,
Congratulations on your successful learning journey here at NU.
When you first arrived here, as young and ambitious students in a young and ambitions university, we had three wishes for you. They are easy to remember because they all start with the letter C:

When you graduate, we want you to have the confidence to take on new challenges.
Confidence comes from developing technical skills and knowledge, and that comes from hard work. Confidence comes from authentically engaging with your course materials, your teachers, your lectures and discussions, and from working hard.
You are graduating in June because we know you have developed this kind of confidence.
The second hope we have for you is that you create careers which are stimulating and satisfying, in government, in business or in graduate school - both here and abroad.
It is a very exciting time here in Kazakhstan as all kinds of opportunities will open. 
We also hope you will make a contribution to your families, your communities, your profession and your nation. Some of you will definitely make significant contributions at international levels as well.
Confidence, careers and contribution are our three goals for you.
You have made this journey with the strong support from your professors and from all the university community. 
Our exit surveys consistently show that you are happy with the availability of your professors. They really do take the time, in class and in office hours, to explain complex problems and to help you to succeed. 
Some of you have begun a research career. Whether or not you continue your formal studies, you understand the value of asking important questions, of systematically analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and seeking evidence to explain complex problems.
As you entered this university, I asked you to remember that you are here because someone has believed in you and given you the confidence you need to succeed.
Please make a promise to yourself to thank everyone in your support team - your family, friends, neighbors, professors, supervisors and other well-wishers.  We all need cheerleaders in our lives.
Consider how this university has changed you, and in turn, how you have changed this university.
Your learning journey continues. I hope you have learned how much you don't know, and how much there is to learn. Every single day is a new learning experience.
You are in a liminal time, a time of transition, from your identity as a student to a new identity as a well-trained professional.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, anywhere in the world, please know that we are very proud of you.
Please keep in touch with us. Your success is our success.
Best wishes,

Loretta O'Donnell
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


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