Student Guidelines
to pick up Diploma 
Dear Graduate,

There are two options to receive your diploma.

Before you decide how to obtain your diploma, 
please make sure you have a [🟢] CLEAR [🟢]  status in the Checkout module on MyRegistrar. 
[❗️] Any HOLD on your account will prevent the release of your diploma. 


On June 13-15, you can stop by Block 9 (1st floor) to pick up your diploma.
- office 9.151 for Bachelors;
- office 9.105 for Masters, Doctor of Medicine, and Ph.D.

Open hours: June 12-14, 8:30 - 17:30
Please have your state ID (удостоверение) or passport with you.
If another person is going to pick up your documents on your behalf please note that:
—Prior to visiting the Office of the Registrar, please email In your email, indicate (1) the date of visit, (2) your representative's full name, and (3) your full name as stated in the diploma. This is for the campus access arrangements. 
—Make sure that person brings a notarized power of attorney (доверенность) from you. The power of attorney should contain the wording: "to take my documents from Nazarbayev University ("получить документы от автономной организации образования "Назарбаев Университет")". 
—Your representative will be asked to (1) show his/her state ID/passport and (2) to leave an official hard copy of the power of attorney at our office. We will archive it in your personal file.

If you/your representative cannot make it on June 13-15, you can stop by office 9.151 (for all degrees) later within our working hours (Mon-Fr, 8.30-17.30) to pick up your diploma. 



Starting from June 15, you can order delivery service from DHL at your own cost from campus to your place. 
A step-by-step manual is below.

1) Find closest DHL office via Visit the DHL office. Please check their working hours. Bring your state ID (оригинал удостоверения личности) or passport.

2) Fill out the guarantee letter (гарантийное письмо). The template will be provided at the
DHL office. Please indicate the information as follows:
[📮] Pick up address:
Name: Darina Kussainova
Company: Nazarbayev University, Office of the Registrar
Postal Code: 010000
City: Nur-Sultan city
Address: 53 Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Kazakhstan, Block 9, room 9151
Phone: +7 (7172) 70-90-45

[📬] Delivery address:
Where you want the diploma to be sent from OR. Please fill it out carefully. Make sure to indicate your name as the recipient.

3) Make payment at the DHL office

4) Take a good quality photo of the invoice/bill

5) Send the good quality photo and delivery address to
The subject title of your email: Diploma delivery via DHL required

6) Once the diploma is ready and collected by DHL, OR staff will send you tracking number from

7) Track your package at DHL website