Student Guidelines
1. You need to meet all your Graduation Degree Requirements
  • Verify completion of all degree requirements with your adviser and Vice Dean of your School.
  • Clear your academic record and have any incomplete grades converted to satisfactory grades before graduation.
  • Remember, you cannot graduate if you have an "Incomplete" grade  or you are on probation, this means that your CGPA must be above a 2.00 (depending on the program, different for Graduate and Undergraduate programs)
2. Apply to Graduate
3. Preparation  for your Diploma
  • By April 30th, 2018, verify your name as it is written in Passport and State ID card both in English and Kazakh/Russian on your Graduation application.  
4.  Have finances in order to allow you to pick up your diploma, transcripts and original documents.

  • Satisfy all financial obligations (fines, tickets, fees, etc.) with the University Bursar's Office in 5009 Block C2, 5th floor.
5. Additional requirements
  • Please, download "Student checklist form" and collect all the signatures before going to Graduation Ceremony. You will need to submit Student checkout list to the Office of the Registrar in order to get your Diploma.