Registration for each term occurs on the dates indicated in Academic Calendar. Please use our helpful "How to register step-by-step" or "Video" Manual. You should meet with your academic adviser prior to the registration period to discuss courses to be taken (SST and SHSS only). Some programs may not require having an advisor for student. In this case, please ignore online advising part of the course registration.


Add/Drop period
The student can add and drop the courses during the first days of classes. The deadlines for both add and drop are indicated in the Academic Calendar of corresponding program. The Add/Drop forms can be found here.
Withdrawal period starts just after Drop period ends. To withdraw from the course, the Withdrawal form should be filled in and submitted to the Office of the Registrar with all required signatures. There are no restrictions on overall number of withdrawals, but the grade "W" will appear in your transcript for each processed withdrawal. Check the deadlines in Academic Calendar of corresponding program.  Remember to maintain a 24 ECTS credit minimum enrollment.Some programs may not have withdrawal period at all. Check the School Handbook for more information. The Withdrawal form can be found here.
Minimum and maximum enrollment
For Fall and Spring semesters the minimum number of enrolled ECTS credits is 24, the maximum is 36. Check the School Handbook for more information. In the exceptional cases University may allow registration for more than maximum number of credits. For this purposes "Course Overload Form" should be used. It can be found here.
The student may retake the course only if the received grade prevents him/her from further degree progressing. The Retake Permission Form can be found here.
If you have any question, we kindly ask you to peruse FAQs and Definitions&Explanations and if there is no answer there, you can email us on