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Grades & GPA
Check Academic Calendar for dates when Final and Midterm grades will be posted.

Letter Grading System. NU Undergraduate Schools use a letter grading system of A, B, C, D and F with further differentiation with "+" for the top of the grade range or "-" for the bottom of the grade range except that there shall be no grades of "A+", "D-", "F+", or "F-". The numerical equivalents of the grades as determined by the faculty are detailed below.


Grades Description
The following Common Grading Scale is applied to all NU Undergraduate programs:
Letter grades Points Explanation
A 4.00 Excellent, exceeds the highest standards in the assignment or course
A- 3.67 Excellent, meets the highest standards for the assignments or course
B+ 3.33 Very good, meets high standards for the assignment or course.
B 3.00 Good; meets most of the standards for the assignment or course.
B- 2.67 More than adequate; shows some reasonable command of the material.
C+ 2.33 Acceptable, meets basic standards for the assignment or course.
C 2.00 Acceptable, meets some of the basic standards for the assignment or course.
C- 1.67 Acceptable, while failing short of meeting basic standards in several ways.
D+ 1.33 Minimally acceptable, failing sort of the meeting many basic standards.
D 1.00 Minimally acceptable, lowest passing grade.
F 0.00 Faling, very poor performance


Administrative grades
Letter grades Points Explanation
P/F N/A Pass/Fail. A "P" will not be used in calculating the student's GPA or CGPA; "F" grade will be used in calculating the GPA and CGPA. The Pass is equivalent to a "C-" or above
AU N/A Audit. Audited courses are not included in the calculation of the GPA, attempted credit, or earned creidt. 
I N/A Incomplete. When a student has completed a substantial portion of the requirements for a course, but due to extenuating circumstances, is unavailable to complete all requirements, the course instructor may assign a temporary grade of Incomplete. An Incomplete grade can be given only on the basis of the written prior agreement between the student and the instructor and approved by the Dean of the relevant School. The date for completion of work is to be determined by the course instructor, but all work is to be completed by the end of the following semester. An "I" is assigned 0 (zero) credits, has no grade points and is not included in the calculation of the GPA.
IP N/A In Progress. This grade is assigned at the end of the first term of a year-long class if the student has made adequate progress up to that point. It will be changed to reflect the class grade for both semesters of study at the end of the year.
W N/A Withdrawal. A "W" denotes a student has withdrawn from the course and has not completed the course requirements; withdrawal from courses will be permitted up to the date indicated in the Academic Calendar for the year in which the withdrawal occurs. Students who take a Leave of Absence during a semester will automatically receive an W for all courses. 
AW N/A Administratie Withdrawal - this grade indicates that a student has been ordered withdrawn from a courseon disciplinary grounds, following the procedures abd standards specifiied in the internal regulations of NU.
Grade appeal procedure
All Undergraduate students have the right to appeal any grade that they have received that they believe is in error. The error must be based on one of the following criteria:
1) error in calculation
2) error in application of the class grade policy as presented in the Course Syllabus;
3) incorrected ntry of the grade into the database or;
4) incomplete marking of an assessment.
The student must first consult with the instructor within 3 (three) working days of his or receipt of the contested grade. In the event that the student is still dissatisfied, he or she may appeal to the Dean of the relevant School or the Dean's designee within 7 days. The Dean or designee shall consult with the Instructor before making any decision. The decision of the Dean or designee shall be final.

Calculation of GPA
The GPA is computed by dividing the total cumulative grade points by the total graded credits attempted  for courses taken in residence at the University. Grade points are calculated by multiplying the number of credits by  the numeric value of the grade for each course. The sum of the grade points is then divided by the total graded credits earned.
The following is an example:


European Union  2 credits 4.00 (for A) x 2 (credits) = 8.00
Introduction to Macroeconomics   B 8 credits  3.00 (for B) x 8 (credits) = 24.00
Silk Road 2         F    6 credits   0 (for F) x 6 (credits) = 0
World Religions      B-  6 credits   2.67 (for B-) x 6 (credits) = 16.02

Enrolled  Credits = 22, Earned Credits = 16,
Credit-Hour Value = 48.02, 48.02 /22 = 2.18 grade point average
Semester GPA: 2.18
Cumulative GPA: 2.18
Enrolled credits are the sum of the credits which student was registered for at the beginning of the semester.
Earned credits are the sum of the credits, earned by students, except F, W, I.
1.   Semester GPA is calculated and based only on grades from courses taken in a particular semester.
2.   Overall GPA is based on grades from all courses taken from the beginning of study.
*Pass grade is not counted towards calculation of Semester/Overall GPA.


GPA calculation explanation (including SD/UD grades)