♦ General Schedule of the Events ♦
20 May (17:30-18:30) - 3rd Graduation Meeting, online link
30 May - June 3 (14:00-17:30) - Distribution of the Graduation Regalia
4-5 June (9:00-12:00) - Distribution of the Graduation Regalia 
2 June (17:30-18:30) - First Rehearsal, online link
8 June - Mandatory Rehearsal and Photoshoot with President and Provost
9 June - Final Dress rehearsal and Photoshoot  
10 June (8:30-12:13) - Graduation Ceremony
10 June (15:00-17:30) - Individual School Ceremonies 
13 June (8:30-14:00) - Return of the Graduation Regalia 
13 June - Diploma pick up
♦ Distribution of the Graduation Regalia ♦
1. Cost of the Regalia rental is 5000 tenge
2. Deadline is June 5, 2022 inclusive
3. Payment on (Make a payment->Other->Graduation regalia rental)
4. Those who don't plan to participate at the Ceremony no need to make any payment. Please email or indicating your name and Student ID number. Your check-out status will be cleared
5. Robes will be distributed on the 1st floor of Block C2 (under Orange Hall). We recommend not to postpone it until the last day :-) 
6. Robes will be collected from June 13 (Monday). Your checkout lists will be cleared accordingly.
7. Please don't forget to bring your Student ID card along with your State ID card/Passport
8. Any questions, please email to
♦ Information on Dormitory availability ♦
1. Students will remain in the dormitory if they've been living there from Spring semester until the third day after the Graduation Ceremony
2. Students traveling from other cities will need to find accomodation outside of the campus
3. Students traveling with their families also will need to find accomodation outside of the campus
♦ Booking Hotel on Campus
Room Capacity Price
Premium Standard 23 rooms (2 ppl) 16 800 tenge
Luxe 8 rooms (4 ppl) 22 400 tenge
*No internet and no TV in the rooms
**To book until June 1, 2022 
***To book the room please write to - USM Quality and Communication Office
♦ Visas for International Students ♦
1. Visas will be done only for graduating students
2. Family members need to apply for tourist visas via travel agencies
3. Dormitories will be available only for graduating students
4. Family members need to arrange their stay outside of campus
Schedule of the Graduation Day 
Time Event
Arrival to the Venue
8:30-12:00 Graduation Ceremony
12:30-14:30 Reception
15:00 Individual School Ceremonies
♦ Information on Vaccination ♦
Random RAT testing will be conducted between graduating students prior to the Event
Additional information on the required Vaccination status of the guests will be announced later 
Office of the Registrar

Office: 9.151
Web page: