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NU is implementing a special grading option for Spring 2020 in response to the COVID-19 situation. These grades are SD (Satisfactory Disruption) and UD (Unsatisfactory Disruption).
How will it work?
Each student will receive their normal letter grades. Grading type selection will open on MyRegistrar on the preliminary announced date after all grades are submitted. Each student will need to decide whether to keep the letter grade or shift to the SD/UD grading type on a course by course basis. Students who do not submit their choice by the deadline will retain their letter grades. After the deadline, no requests on changing grading types will be accepted (neither from letter to SD/UD, nor vice versa).
How does SD/UD grading work?
Both SD/UD do not count to GPA and CGPA.
The SD grade:

counts toward degree requirements
counts for credits
fulfills (pre-, co-, anti-) requisite requirements
will not allow students to retake the course

The UD grade:

doesn’t count toward degree requirements
doesn’t count for credits
doesn’t fulfill (pre-, co-, anti-) requisite requirements
will allow students to retake the course (regular retake rules will be applied)

What are the criteria for SD/UD?
SD grade is used for:
Letter graded courses for undergraduate students: “C-” and above.
Letter graded courses for graduate students: “C” and above.
Pass/Fail courses: Pass
GSB courses: LP and above
UD grade is used for:
Letter graded courses for undergraduate students: “D+” and below.
Letter graded courses for graduate students: “C-” and below.
Pass/Fail courses: Fail
GSB courses: below LP
Who is eligible for SD/UD?
All programs are eligible for SD/UD except for NUZYP, NUFYP, SOM MD, SOM MS, MD, SOM Applied Nursing.
Courses not eligible for SD/UD grading:

courses with IPS/IPU grading
GSPP Capstone course – MPP 699 Policy Analysis Exercise
Modular courses that finished before the quarantine (March 16)
How many courses can I shift to SD/UD grading?
There is no limitation.
How will SD/UD show on the transcript?
SD/UD grade will appear instead of your regular grade. A special footnote will explain the purpose and implications of the grades.
What will happen if I don’t make my choice on grading type?
The default grading type will remain.
How will SD/UD affect my academic standing?
UNDERGRADUATE students only:
No new probation decisions will be made based on Spring 2020 results.
Students on 1st probation will not be dismissed based on Spring 2020.
Students on 2nd and more probation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Removal from probation decisions will be based on cumulative CGPA and semester GPA as usual. Both CGPA and GPA will be counted after all grades are shifted to the preferred grading type. In case a student on probation shifts all courses to SD/UD grading and therefore there is no Spring GPA, s/he will be removed from probation only if all grades are SD (no UD grade) and CGPA is 2.0 and above.

Option 1: students who didn't change grading type at all – probation decision will be based on regular GPA
Option 2: students who changed grading type for some courses – probation decision will be based on the GPA counted on courses left with letter grading
Option 3: students who changed grading type for all courses, thus, do not have GPA – have to have all SDs and CGPA 2.0 and above to be removed from Probation. Otherwise, they will stay on Probation.

GRADUATE students only:

Academic standing criteria for graduate students remain the same (if you need more information, please contact your School).
How will SD/UD affect graduation  requirements?
Graduation requirements remain the same.
How will SD/UD affect prerequisite courses?
Course with SD grade will fulfill prerequisite requirement even if the passing grade was higher than C-/C.
Grades D and D+ are counted for credits, UD doesn’t count for credits. What if I got D/D+ and I  need credits for the course?
Since UD doesn’t count for credits, you should stay with letter grade to get your credits for the course.
How will SD/UD affect the Dean’s list?
There will be no Dean’s list in Spring 2020.
How will SD/UD affect my stipend? UPD
Award and payment of “Nazarbayev University” stipend will be made based on the results of the Spring 2020 examination session in accordance with the criteria specified in the Regulations on stipend support provision to students of autonomous organization of education Nazarbayev University" until the moment of the possible transfer of your grades to SD/UD. Which means that your GPA based on original letter grades (before converting) will be used as usual for stipend payment.
Will Summer 2020 have SD/UD grading option as well?
SD/UD will be reconsidered prior to the summer semester, assuming that summer will be conducted online.
How will SD/UD affect my employment and admission to further study?
Many universities around the world are implementing this SD/UD model, or a variation on this model,
and so Spring 2020 is a special case for employment and admission to further study. We cannot provide a
comprehensive answer to this question. We suggest that you contact your proposed employer or graduate
program for further information.
How to convert grades to SD/UD in MyRegistrar?
Please read the instructions.
How can I count my GPA with SD/UD grades?
Please check GPA calculation examples here and excel GPA calculator.
Which graduate courses are not eligible for SD/UD?
Please check the list here.
What if my program finishes later than others?
For students of GSE, GSB and MEM 1st year the Grading option selection page will be available in the middle of June 2020. The date and time will be announced later.
Where can I see the presentation on SD/UD?
Presentations are available here: 
A video recording of presentation is available here.
If I receive an Incomplete or Change of grade, will I have a chance to select my grading type after the deadline?
No, the grading type selection deadline will not be affected by change of grades or incompletes.