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FAQ: SPRING 2021 Grading options & Withdrawal Deadline
The NU Academic Council agreed on 3rd March NOT to continue SD/UD grading options for the Spring 2021 semester.

How will my courses be graded?

All courses will be graded according to the regular grading system as described in the Academic Policies and Procedures.
What is the Withdrawal deadline?
The Withdrawal deadline has been prolonged till the end of classes. You can check the offical end date of classes in the corresponding Academic Calendar.
How many courses can I withdraw?
Students have to keep the minimum registration load. For undergraduates it is 24 ECTS. For graduates - please check your handbook.
Can I go below the minimum registration load?
In extenuating circumstances that can be proven, a student can request a Course underload:
  1. Go to MyRegistrar
  2. Click on the Student Requests module
  3. Choose the Course Underload Form
  4. Fill in the form, attach supporting documents, and click the Submit button (forms without the complete reason section will not be considered and approved)
IMPORTANT: Course underload can cause a lack of credits for Graduation. Students with an insufficient number of credits at the time of graduation may need to study an additional semester on a fee basis.