Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is the Office of the Registrar located?
A: We are in office 9.151, block 9, floor 1.
Q: What are your office hours?
A: Our open hours are available here: https://registrar.nu.edu.kz/page/contact-us
Q: What does the Office of the Registrar do?
A: We are responsible for the student database along with the organization and monitoring of the educational process (e.g. student status change, course scheduling, schedules). Also, we issue academic documents such as transcripts, enrollment verification letters, and diplomas.
Q: When can students pick up their transcripts or enrollment verification letters?
A: Normally, documents are prepared within 3 working days. Delays may occur, though, due to a seasonal high volume of student service requests.
Q: How can I order an academic document (a transcript and enrollment verification)?
A:  1. Login to MyRegistrar:
    2. Click on “Online ordering academic documents”.
    3. Select the type of document.
    4. Choose the document language, quantity and form of delivery.
    5. Select the recipient.
    6. Click the “SUBMIT” button; otherwise, we will not receive your request.
More detailed manual is available HERE.
Requests are processed within 3 working days.
Note: The service is available online only during working hours from 8:30 till 17:30 on working days.
Q: Can I order an electronic transcript?
A: No. Transcripts are available for ordering only in hard copy.
Q: Can somebody else pick up my document?
A: If you are unable to pick up the document yourself, please  email us the name of the person who will come on your behalf. Documents will be provided in an envelope. 
Upon the visit, we will check if you’ve informed us that this person will pick up your document. 
Also, this person will be asked to show his/her student ID/national ID.
Q: How can I order  Verification #6 and #31 (справка ГЦВП, for students who belong to a socially vulnerable category)?
A: Please email us at registrar@nu.edu.kz. In your email, indicate:
1) Type of document: Verification #6 or #31, or both.
2) Language: KAZ, RUS;
Note: Documents are issued only in soft copy. 
You will receive via email a document signed with an electronic signature, the document is downloaded from the iDocs platform. Instructions for students on how to download documents from the iDocs platform is available HERE.
Requests are processed within 3 working days.
Q: How can I order a scan of my high-school certificate (аттестат)?
A: Please email us at registrar@nu.edu.kz
In your email, please state: “I would like to receive a scan of my high-school certificate (аттестат).”
Q: How can I borrow my high-school certificate (аттестат)?
A: You can borrow the original hard copy of your high-school certificate (аттестат) in exchange for your national ID card (удостоверение личности) or passport for a maximum of 10 days. You will need to sign off on the receipt for return of the borrowed documents.
Q: How can I order military service documents (справка для военкомата)?
A: Please contact Department of Student Services by emailing at military_register@nu.edu.kz 
Q: How can I get a document about the medium of instructions?
A: The Office of the Registrar doesn't issue any document that confirms the English language, but we do have the statement about it in the official transcript and Enrollment verification.
Q: How can I order an academic document (a transcript, enrollment verification)?
A: Please email us at registrar@nu.edu.kz. In your email, indicate:
1) type of document: transcript, enrollment verification;
2) language: ENG, KAZ, RUS;
3) the form of delivery: soft copy (via email, only for enrollment verification) or hard copy (pick up from office 9151);
4) for hardcopies: number of copies (5 at max).
Requests are processed within 3 working days.
Q: How can I order documents (high school certificate, NU diploma) through pick up/delivery?
A: Please follow these steps:
1. Make sure you have cleared your checkout list in the Checkout module on MyRegistrar. 
Any HOLD on your account will prevent the release of your documents.
2. To receive info about pick-up and delivery options, email us at registrar@nu.edu.kz (for withdrawn and dismissed students) or graduation@nu.edu.kz (for graduated students).
Q: I graduated from NU. How can I receive my diploma?
A: Please email us at graduation@nu.edu.kz. We will send you a detailed instruction.


Q: I do not have access to my account on https://registrar.nu.edu.kz/ 
How can I restore it?
A: If you do not have access to MyRegistrar, please contact the IT Helpdesk (www.helpdesk.nu.edu.kz) asking them to restore the access for you. 
Q: How can I book a room in the Library?
A: In order to book an individual study room or group study room in the Library please click here. 
Q: How can I book a room on campus?
A: If you would like to book a room outside the Library block please find a room booking page on My NU portal. 
Q: When will I get my confirmation of the reservation request?
A: The request will be processed within one working day except those sent after 5.30 pm on Friday. It is recommended to send a request for the weekend before Friday 4 pm. This will guarantee that the request will be processed until the end of the working day. 
Q: Where can I get the key?
A: Keys are always available at the security point at the entrance to the block.
Q: Can I reserve a room for the next semester or year?
A: No, the requests are processed only within the acting semester. 
Q: How can I book a room for an event for more than 4 hours?
A: In order to book a room or a number of rooms for an event, the responsible person has to get confirmation from DSS and email to room_booking@nu.edu.kz.
Q: Is it possible to book a Hall or a Ballroom for students?
A: Yes, please contact the DSS manager to book a Hall or a Ballroom, in other words the request has to be accepted from DSS. 
Q: How can I cancel my reservation?
A: The reservation can only be cancelled by emailing to room_booking@nu.edu.kz
Q: Can I change the time or the day of the request?
A: No, it is possible to accept and decline the reservation. Therefore, please inform via email about the cancellation and send a new reservation request. 
Q: Can I book a room via email?
A: No, the room booking system was specifically designed for reservation. 
Q: I cannot find the room I need in the system.
A: In this case there are several options: 
1.    The room is not visible because it has already been booked.
2.    Use the second link and indicate the number of the room in the comment section. 
3.    This room is not listed in the room booking system, please address this matter to the school manager. 
Q: How can I choose the room without seeing it?
A: Photos of the rooms are available HERE.
Q: Who can help me to manage the space in the room?
A: In order to get IT support please create an IT request here. Moreover, please contact Block managers to manage the number of desks and chairs, and other questions.
If you still have questions about room booking, feel free to contact room_booking@nu.edu.kz