Note: No forms are accepted from students by the Office of the Registrar. All forms are submitted to School Offices.
Add Course form - used during the Add period in order to register for the course which is not available for online registration (e.g. instructor's approval required).
Drop Course form - used during the Drop period in order to drop the course.
Course Withdrawal form - used during the Withdrawal period in order to withdraw from the course.
Course Overload form - used if number of enrolled credits is more than allowed maximum.
Retake Permission form - used in order to retake the course which was not failed but graded lower than passing grade.
Extra place form - used if instructor gives permission to a student for extra place in overloaded class. 
Requisite override form - used for exceptional cases when the instructor gives permission to a student to register for the course without satisfying required requisite.
Priority override form - used for exceptional cases when the student is given permission to register for the course not keeping established priority.
Change of Kazakh level form - used for changing a level of Kazakh language of the student.
Minor Declaration form - used to declare minor of the student.
Second Major Declaration form - used to declare a second major of the student.
Transfer between Schools and Majors form - used when a student decides to change his/her School of study and/or major.
External Credits Transfer form - used to transfer the credits from another Higher Education Institution.  
Audit Course form - used in order to register the course with "AU" grade. No credits will be awarded.